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We have undertaken the responsibility for creating solutions by guaranteeing the prosperous future of your company.


The idea of appeared from a very simple survey, that aimed to improve the skills of the people of different organizations working with the Agile methodology in our region, as well as to organize experience-exchange meetings for those specialists. But this survey and especially its 7th question discovered some important issues in the practice of the Agile methodology in our region. According to the survey’s results, Armenian top Agile specialists evaluate their work in Agile methodology 5.62 out of 10. These results were the main reason that caused this idea to be born. The idea was to found an organization that would help Startups and SMB’s as well as big organizations invest Agile methodology as their main method of management and to provide necessary software support. Although in many developed countries Agile is the present, in this region it is still the future. This methodology is against strict and rough methods of management, that offers well known traditional Waterfall method. Here we combine two important things: everybody is equal and there are no rules. The only rule is to provide a well operating product, without exceeding the defined budget. From the “Idea” stage to the “Performance” stage, we go our way with stable steps and strive to provide our customers Agile management methodology.


Our aim is to offer effective management techniques and programs to organizations on the basis of the exploration of their internal processes and by showing individual approach to everyone. So we aim to lead the organization to the maximum of its efficiency by using all the possible and necessary tools and methods.


Our values are devotion, courage, concentrated work, transparency and last but not the least, respect towards our team members and our customers. 


Following our goal, but at the same time based on the principles of Agile methodology, we personalize the proposed programs considering the peculiarities of the organization and the way the internal processes are implemented. is ready to support everyone and while reaching its goal has no limits for the organization’s scope of work, its size, number of processes, program recommendations or optimization directions.


By completely analyzing the contemporary market and political problems, we turn an idea into a competitive organization and the organization into a healthy organism. We have taken the responsibility of helping people and organizations by sharing our knowledge and by analyzing the international experience of leading organizations.
We provide different services and completely adapt them to the requirements of the customers by taking into consideration the organizational activities and culture.
Our Team: We formed the team on the basis of a dream, responsibility, and respect towards each other, and the work we are doing. Every team member is ready to take risks, overcome any difficulty and reach the set goals.

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Agile Builders Armenia


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