Though agile techniques are being used in a variety of unique ways, one of the most creative I’ve seen is Scrum Your Wedding, a wedding planning business that educates customers on how to plan a wedding using Scrum. The service includes a comprehensive guide and toolkit that outlines all the processes, rituals, and roles used in Scrum, including product owners, scrum masters, sprint meetings, standups, backlogs, and retrospectives.


The scrum master owns the process and ensures that obstacles are removed, while the product owners maintain a prioritized list of tasks and decide how to spend time and money. The guide and toolkit include examples of how to choose roles; for example, the bride and groom could be the product owners and a wedding planner or friend could be the scrum master.

The guide goes on to step through the same processes that are unique to scrum, starting with creating a shared vision and moving on to developing a wedding backlog. Customers schedule sprint planning meetings and retrospectives to monitor progress and receive continuous feedback.

As with agile, the guide advises customers to begin the planning process by writing stories (wedding stories) that explain the outcome they hope to achieve but not the details of how to get there. Customers add tasks and acceptance criteria, such as budget constraints, during sprint planning meetings. During sprints, they perform tasks such as picking a caterer or other vendors. Finally, the guide explains the importance of using a daily standup to keep the project on track.