Frequently Asked Questions

How do we differ from competitors?

Active competitors have narrow directions (Stores, Hotels, Restaurants). We are distinguished by the list of multifaceted services available to all types of organizations.
In addition, we are the first company in the Caucasus market providing business automation services, which focuses on Agile project management methodology.

What is the origin of the company?

The organization has been established, registered and operates in the Republic of Armenia. The Origin of the Organization is Armenian.

Are our services free of charge for new ideas?

Yes. However, this option discusses individual conditions for the amount of compensation in the first income.

Where are directed donations?

Donations directed to the implementation of the ideas of our clients who have been certified by the organizational council. The organization also plans to spend money on attracting new markets and coming out of Armenia.

Are cloud services safe?

Yes. At present, cloud services are considered to be the most popular working tool for both newly established startups and giant corporations.
This is evidenced by the triple increase in annual revenue of corporations (Amazon, Google, Microsoft) providing such services.

Is data safe while using software provided by international providers?

Yes. We offer to implement data analysis with such software as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Dundas BI, etc. Such software works without connecting the data segment to the internet. The only part of the software that joins the network is its identification and account registration.

Is it possible to apply Agile in processing organizations?

Yes. We offer a new approach, through which Agile has no boundaries. We’ll tell the rest while drinking coffee with you?

Is counseling free?

Yes. We’ll be glad to share our best experiences with you. We think that you’ll never leave us after listening to us.

How can we get acquainted with the complete list of services provided?

Because the complete list of services we provide is too large, you can feel free to contact us.
Also, you can view the not complete list of our services here.

How can we communicate with team?

We are ready to dream, plan and realize your ideas with you at any hour and everywhere. Just feel free to call us at +(374)91050520, or simply click here to enjoy with us a cup of coffee.