ABA is the first initiative in Armenia, making people think agile.

This idea appeared from a very simple survey, that aimed to improve the skills of the people of different organizations that are working with the Agile methodology in our region, as well as to organize experience exchange meetings for that specialists. But this survey and especially its 7th questions appeared to contain even deeper problems and discovered some important issues in the practice of the Agile method in our region. According to the answers to these questions, Armenian top Agile specialists evaluate their work in Agile methodology 5.62 out of 10.

Why Agile

There are many reasons, why agile is so good and unrepeatable.

In many developed countries, Agile is the present, in this region Agile is the future. It is the ideology of management that is against strict and rough methods of management, that offers well known traditional Waterfall method. Here we combine two important things: everybody is equal and there are no rules. The only rule is to provide a well operating product, without exceeding the defined budget.

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